Wool Sliver/Roving


Our natural color wool are limited availability, good for weaving, felting, or hand spinning. Price is per ounce (oz), before placing large orders consider contacting us to assure we have as much of what you would like or to reserve some from a future harvest. We also have battings and 2 ply yarn skeins.


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  • The Mill calls it Sliver others prefer to call it Roving. Raised in Nevada County, California, the Wool Sheep, Angora Mohair Goats, Llamas, Alpaca & Camel are what these roving balls are blends of. The Camel wool sheds before the guard hair and is brushed each spring, while the Sheep, Goats, and Llama are shorn by hand with blade shears. The Goats are also shorn each fall. All sorted fibers are then gently washed to rinse excess dirt out,  air dried, then machine carded and hand rolled into balls by Yolo Wool Mill. We have a variety of natural wool colors and qualities to choose from,  Though we haven’t tried, all wool should accept dyes, so if you try do let us know.
  • The Darkest Black sheep, many of their outer wool tips faded tan from the sun. Versatile fiber for Weaving, Felting, or Spinning.
  • The Silvery Grey sheep, some were darker black when they were younger, others were born grey. great for hand spinning, will felt with more work, or can be woven with. should accept dyes.
  • The White is our purest fine white sheep though some dark fibers may be found, excellent for weaving, felting, and spinning.
  • The Off White is slightly golden and once we noticed, we opted to keep it separate.  Useful for weaving, easy to felt, easy to spin.
  • The Tan, Bactrian Camel finest under coat brushed and blended with our Tan Merino Ram exists as limited annual supply, amazing for spinning but also felts really nice, of course you can weave it as well.
  • The Black Llama is course mainly due to it their guard hairs. Will spin but could be scratchy on skin. Weaves and felts,  guard hairs tend to stick out.

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Sheep White, Sheep Off White, Sheep Black, Sheep Dark Grey, Sheep Light Grey, Camel/Sheep Tan, Camel/Sheep White, Llama Black, Llama Fawn, Angora Mohair Grey, Angora Mohair White.


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