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Raised in Nevada County, California, wool sheep & Camel are two ply 4 oz skeins of yarn are blends of. The Camel wool sheds before the guard hair and is brushed each spring, while the Sheep are shorn by hand with blade shears. All sorted fibers were gently washed to rinse excess dirt out, air dried, then machine carded, spun, plied, and wound into 4 ounce skeins by Yolo Wool Mill, which has since closed. Though we haven’t tried, all wool should accept dyes, if you try do let us know. If your interested in spinning your own check out our Wool Sliver/Roving.

  • Darker Black
  • Silvery Grey
  • Mohair Grey (limited quantity)
  • White
  • Camel Tan
  • Llama Brown

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Our two ply 4 ounce skeins of yarn are made from a variety of wool sheep breeds and cross breeds we raise. Though we haven’t tried, all wool should accept dyes, if you try do let us know. Having not yet dabbled in the dying of the wool we currently only offer natural colored wool skeins. These are blends not one specific breed yarns. Merino, Romney, Icelandic, Jacob, East Friesian, Navajo, Shetland are some breeds we have had. Most our sheep began as rescues and have multiplied and crossed. Though the mothers often began of a pure breed. At the mill we separate into our basic colors.

  • The Darkest Black sheep
  • The Silvery Grey sheep (some were darker black when they were younger, some born grey)
  • Grey Mohair from our neighbors Angora goats blended with our sheep however this grey is limited quantity since the cougar ate the the grey goat
  • The White is our purest fine white sheep though some dark fibers may be found.
  • Tan Bactrian Camels finest under coat blended with our Tan horned Merino Ram limited annual supply. Some fiber were retained for hand spinners as sliver.
  • A neighbors tan llama blended with some of our color wool. Does contain natural gaurd hairs.

We also have more variety of colors that have not been spun, though limited availability so check out our available Wool Sliver/Roving consider contacting us before you place your order to assure we have as much of what your looking at to satisfy your order

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Darker Black, Silvery Grey, Mohair Grey, White, Tan Camel, Tan Llama


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