About Us

Terra: Land of the Earth.

Muse: The source of inspiration.

TerraMuse: Earth Inspired .

Based in Nevada City, California. Living in a high fire 🔥 hazard environment we actively work to manually manage our fuel loads to reduce the potential of large uncontrolled wild fire threats. Utilizing livestock we can clear space to make it easier to walk into it to cut & pull what they couldn’t reach to eat. Livestock are regularly moved to reduce excess impact by them on the land  and are returned annually where needed for maintenance of understory vegetation regrowth. The animals convert the carbon rich foods excreting concentrated nutrient rich natural fertilizer.

our team aspires to research, develop, manufacture, and market products that embody the spirit of Mother Nature.  With special emphasis on hemp, wool, and flax linen, our wares are meant to bring joy to all who use them.


  • Craft quality wares inspired by both past and future life on Earth.
  • Regionalize manufacturing to further assist in localizing the economy.
  • Research ways to both substitute natural fibers for synthetic ones, and to develop more efficient ways to use synthetic when necessary.
  • Pay living wage to workers.
  • Sew hope for a regenerative future for all Earth communities.



All of our wool is sourced from our homestead and the regional community.  After shearing the wool from the sheep, it is sent to the Yolo Wool Mill in Woodland, CA.  There it is washed and carded, and either made into battings for felting, rovings for weaving, or spun into threads.

Wool Felt:

Our felts are created with a wet felting machine with the wool once it has been cleaned and carded.  Using soapy water the wetted wool is rolled for several hours, before being fluffed, boiled, and finally washed in cold water.  The end products are blankets of felt that vary in different thicknesses, size and color.


Currently, there are no hemp textiles being made in our country.  After sampling hemp from different regions of the world we selected hemp from Romania.  The textiles produced there are done using old fashioned mechanical methods; whereas, in places like China and India, the fibers are processed chemically. When hemp is proceed without chemicals, it preserves both the integrity of the fibers and the smells of the earth.

Flax Linen Threads:

We use Barbours linen threads of various cord sizes.  Flax linen has been used widely in earlier era’s, but is still produced in the E.U.  It is much stronger than cotton, but also more fibrous, therefor has limiting uses in modern machines.

Italian cotton threads:

A long staple cotton thread for seaming knitted fabrics.  There are many knitted hemp styles and thicknesses produced in Romania.

Our initial goal was to develop a durable shopping bag for use in the market.  After prototyping the first grocery style bag, we realized there are many different styles of bags that could be made.

At the core of our project is a quest for a regenerative future for all life on Earth.  There is value in considering both past and future generations when living our current daily lives.  Natural fiber wares have been, and still are, an important part of human culture; we seek to redevelop their appeal for modern households.  By choosing Earth based fibers, you join us on our mission to change the materials we rely on for our everyday needs.

Using hemp and wool fabrics, sewn and quilted with flax linen thread, we assure long lasting, yet biodegradable wares.  Our creations have begun to serve, not only as a symbol of the possibility for change, but to also offer inspiration toward a more ecologically invested citizenry.